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Policies & Practices - My Shop is Designed to Please



If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well. And I put my heart and soul into making every 
FavoriteBlings necklace an exceptional, one of a kind piece. Nothing common or cookie-cutter here.

I'm passionate about creating exclusive top quality USA handmade gemstone statement necklaces
designed to flatter and celebrate you. That’s my goal. 

Where did you get that necklace?  

   I put great pride into each gem-heavy creation that celebrates nature's 
   exquisite offerings, and take great pains to assure top quality construction 
   of every exclusive, sumptuous FavoriteBlings necklace -- always safe, 
   always real
, always high end superb.

   When I create big, bold, sexy, chunky, totally unique FavoriteBlings 
   statement necklaces, it's the satisfaction of creating exclusive, original 
   wearable art -- no mass-produced disposable jewelry. You get honest bling.

USA handmade gemstone necklaces, bibs, chokers , tassels, Y-dangles, and lariats are always 
made with genuine, safe, precious, top quality components. All this coupled with the best customer 
service I can provide, and approved over the years by many happy customers. 

A big believer in commitment to quality, I over-engineer every exclusive piece and carefully hand craft 
each timeless necklace as if it were for me, personally -- each is made one at a time, one of a kind. 
Like you, totally unique.

Each enchanting handmade FavoriteBlings statement necklace is the real thing, a joyful, high quality
indulgence -- fine forever jewelry to wear proudly; each unique piece is refreshingly distinct.


I’m influenced and inspired by a quest for balance, form and beauty, exhilarated by the design process 
and the desire to be original. I want every necklace, choker, bib, y-drop and lariat to be a statement 
piece that's different, remarkable -- no clones, no knockoffs, ever.

And rest assured -- my FavoriteBlings handmade necklaces have no simulated stones, no toxic metals, 
no plated finishes, no faux here.

Bottom line - I do everything in my power to make your FavoriteBlings purchase a joyful one! And many 
of my customers took the time to let me know that they were pleased with me -to see some customer 
opinions, you can visit my original Etsy shop and see what they said. Just click here for their feedback:

Just so you know, I've had my 2 shops at Etsy over the last 9+ years and earned a 100%, 5-star feedback 
reputation from my Etsy customers (both FavoriteBlings & FavoriteCollectibles.) Now my Retro selection 
right here features posh vintage statement necklaces from my personal collection, and high end 80s and 90s 
necklaces and jewelry from NYC designer studio sales, jewelry expos, craft airs, etc., plus my own 
personal vintage solid gold and authentic sterling silver Taxco Mexico hallmarked jewelry.

Through it all, I'm very lucky to have a patient, supportive husband. Because storage space in the 
apartment is at a premium. I've got armoires and closets stuffed with boxes and containers of beads, 
jewelry findings and components, tubs and cubby holes filled with jewelry making tools, jewelry displays, 
gift boxes, packing tape and bubble pack. (There’s also tubs with my vintage and older FavoriteCollectibles  
items, too.)

  FavoriteBlings handmade necklaces are investment pieces and peace of mind, 
  exclusive top grade unique, forever jewelry, always totally original -- affordable 
  exclusives that empower you, feel yummy in your hands, dreamy on your skin 
  and look stunning to your admirers.
  Hubbie does recognize good design and I trust his opinion. So I ask him to 
  critique every new FavoriteBlings necklace I create. It’s not exactly the 
  Good Housekeeping Seal, but pretty darn close. 

  After all, I want every customer to be asked, “Where did you get that necklace?

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Please note:

adjust the shipping cost for your multiple items - whether you're buying
for yourself or someone special, 
for Christmas, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Bride or Bridesmaid, Wedding day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, 
Thank You gift, or for no particular reason because it just feels good.

» I take the utmost care to ensure that every FavoriteBlings item offered is accurately described, 
photographed and not misrepresented in any way and every purchase is fully Satisfaction Guaranteed
any questions, please ask me!

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Here's what you can expect - commitment to quality: 
. FavoriteBlings USA Handmade Gemstone Statement Necklaces

»  Stunning unique, bold, sexy, beautiful, chunky, fine USA handmade gemstone statement necklaces  
with elegance and non-stop chic -- girlie,
high voltage, exclusive high quality dazzlers 

»  Each necklace, choker, bib, Y-dangle and lariat is the real thing – no mass-produced imports 
called "handmade", no cheap knockoffs, no commercial cookie cutter clones, no imported disposable 
fakes sold at surprisingly high "designer" prices 

»  No faux allowed -- some sellers have big prices for imported costume jewelry. At FavoriteBlings.com 
you get genuine semi-precious gemstones,
 real freshwater pearls and coral,  true quartz, crystals, 
authentic cubic zirconia, genuine druzy geodes, precious and safe metals -- only top quality components

»  I don’t use plastic, simulated, lab created or resin imitation gemstones, and no toxic metals --
 no mystery-metal plated jewelry, no lead, no cadmium, no base metals, no alloys, no nickel, no 
“silver”, German Silver, or Tibetan silver are ever used here

»  I do use only non-toxic precious, noble and safe metals -- Bali, Hill Tribe, Israeli and Turkish solid 
sterling silver beads, clasps, chains and other SS findings, plus always safe hypoallergenic metals, 
non-toxic surgical stainless steel, lead-free non-tarnishing aluminum, plus durable ancient noble metals 
of bronze, copper and brass chains, beads, findings, clasps and embellishments 

»  You get investment pieces and peace of mind, exclusive top grade handcrafted forever jewelry, 
always awesome, totally original, affordable luxury that empowers you, feels yummy in your hands, 
dreamy on your skin, and looks stunning to your admirers

»  Each FavoriteBlings.com purchase is covered with my Risk-Free 100% Money-Back 10-Day 
Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you're not completely satisfied with any FavoriteBlings.com purchase, 
no problem. 

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. FavoriteBlings Retro -- True Taxco Sterling Silver and Authentic Vintage Jewelry  
»  Gorgeous bona fide retro status, well made authentic 80s and 90s statement jewelry and designer bling, 
solid sterling silver and 14K and 18K solid gold vintage jewelry, plus sought after artisan signed genuine 
Taxco sterling silver jewelry to flatter and beautify you

»  You get legitimate jewelry classics, true vintage dazzlers, not recently imported repros, all are guaranteed 
authentic, safe vintage metals, true vintage bling that is rare, exceptional, precious, timeless

»  Find unique real retro necklaces that are funky, chunky, awesome plastic, big steamy beaded glam, 
over-the-top lustrous gold tone pieces, exotic high end jewelry and watches from the 80s and 90s

»  You can be confident that whether it's a unique, big bold sexy FavoriteBling USA handmade statement 
necklace made by me,
a classic retro designer knockout, or a true Taxco artisan handcrafted, treasure, 
your FavoriteBlings jewelry will stand the test of time and make you feel like the world is your runway

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.  REMEMBER, YOU'RE COVERED --  right here with a 10-day peace of mind, Risk-Free 10-Day 
Satisfaction Guarantee.  So pick your era, make a statement, and shop with confidence!

»  All items ship from a smoke free, pet free home.

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10% of annual FavoriteBlings.com sales, plus sales at my FavoriteCollectibles shop at Etsy, go to 
Shriners Hospitals for Children, who provide hope and medical care to help  transform children's lives.

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Thanks for visiting!

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