Welcome to FavoriteBlings,
unique USA handmade
statement necklaces
since 2008.

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I'm a PayPal Verified 
seller and have
been an Etsy seller
for 9+ years.

Your purchase here 
at FavoriteBlings.com 
is securely processed
at PayPal, 
even if you don't have 
a PayPal account. 

You Get a Risk- Free
10-Day 100% Satisfaction  
Money-Back Guarantee.

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If Buying More Than
One Item, Let Me Know
Before You Buy
So I Can Adjust
Shipping Cost For You.

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I work hard to protect 
my reputation and am 
committed to upholding 
the highest standards in 
quality, sales and 
customer service. 

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Bottom line - 
I do everything 
in my power to make 
your FavoriteBlings 
purchase a joyful one!

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You get the best quality
jewelry, best customer
 service and best 
jewelry gift selection 
for any occasion.

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You should know that I do everything in my power to make your FavoriteBlings.com purchase
a joyful one.

You're my #1 priority.From satisfactionguaranteed, to honesty inmy dealings, to great carein 
wrapping and shipping,I strive to make your purchase a positive experience. 

My unique, sexy, elegant multi-gem necklaces are created one at a time, they're one of a kind, 
designed with the best
and safest quality jewelry components, the bestcustomer service, and 
best jewelry selectionfor any occasion.

I work hard to protectmy reputation and amcommitted to upholdingthe highest standards inquality, 
sales andcustomer service.

And whenever my customers have noticed, it really meansa lot.

In 9+ years, I earned a 100% positive feedback reputation, I've been voteda 5-starseller from
happy shoppers atboth of my Etsy shops. At my original FavoriteBlingsshop at Etsy, customers
said things like:

  "You're truly a pleasure to do business with."

  "My day is always made when I receive a package, but I am floored at how 
she has gone far above and beyond any Etsy/Ebay seller I've EVER dealt with"

  "J'aime baucoup le collier merci "

  "Outstanding and unique products, excellent workmanship, and top-notch 
customer service and professionalism. Product presentation is impeccable. 
Favoriteblings is a great experience"

  " I am a HUGE fan and will recommend you to all of my friends and family!"

  "Doing business with you has been such a delight I feel like I made a friend, 
that's how you treated me"

To see more of my customers' opinions, you can visit my original FavoriteBlings shop at Etsy. 
Just click here for their feedback:

Thanks for visiting!


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10% of annual FavoriteBlings.com sales, plus sales at my FavoriteCollectibles shop at Etsy, go to 
Shriners Hospitals for Children, who provide hope and medical care to help  transform children's lives.

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