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attention grabbing necklaces - 
from lush to delicate, 
demure to seductive, 
with construction, style and 
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Huge Sexy Amethyst Glow Necklace Lariat Choker Scarf Neck Sash OOAK FavoriteBlings 80s Retro Statement                                     $49

Massive bold sultry dangling amethyst color beaded statement necklace choker lariat neck scarf, unique dramatic 16-strand cascade dangles, 80s big luscious dangles Etsy Treasuries "Brave:Afterglow" by SPARKLESandSASS and "Accent in Black" by emmett53. It’s treasured! Start a sensation any way you choose to tie it. You can hear the sound of the glass beads kissing as they dangle. The romance of the beads, the knotted luster, hot hues of amethyst, shiny aurora borealis highlights, all create intrigue and elegance, from the over-the-top 80s. With sensuous flowing movement, it's a gorgeous knockout no matter how you play it.
takes you to my FavoriteBlings shop at Etsy; hit "Buy Now" to own this huge sexy amethyst glow necklace lariat





Heavy Sterling Cable Chain Necklace Huge Links 80s Unisex Bold Retro Statement FavoriteBlings Big Presence                                          $489.99

Thick heavy unisex sterling silver cable link chain necklace, a remarkable 161.9 grams of Italian sterling silver with massive impact. The big bold wide sooth rounded links have a fluid feel, elegant look, impressive, dramatic. It is pre-owned, seldom worn, in excellent condition, no dings or dents. Designer look, hallmarked "925 Italy", it's a generous 18-3/4" long. The links are a uniform size, not graduated - and are a stunning 3/4" wide, almost 5/16" thick. This timeless necklace is versatile and well constructed, with a striking presence. 
takes you to my FavoriteBlings shop at Etsy, hit "Buy Now" to own this massive sterling unisex chain necklace





Taxco Sterling Silver Necklace Long Rare 117 Gr of Silver OOAK Heavy Cubes and Balls Bold Statement FavoriteBlings Retro                               $397.99

Heavy OOAK sterling silver balls and cubes necklace - authentic 80s Taxco Mexico artist signed, this bold retro stunner is well made. A scarce, stylish retro statement piece, this large unusual necklace is 25" long and weighs a huge 117 grams of round and square sterling silver balls and cubes. The playful handmade sterling silver balls are about 7/16" wide, and the square sterling silver cubes are the same size, though optical illusion makes them seem larger. This weighty Taxco necklace is in nice pre-owned condition with light surface marks consistent with normal wear - I'd call them tiny surface scratches. I only lightly buffed it, you may wish to have it further cleaned/polished. There are no dings or dents, artist signed clasp is in fine working condition. This piece is hallmarked "925, TM-212. Mexico". 
takes you to my Favoritelings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this scarce Taxco silver necklace





Hematite Y-Drop Dangle Statement Necklace Sexy 22 Strand Long Cascade Tassel FavoriteBlings Retro Glam                                              $43.99

Rare huge dangle tassel cascade Y-drop hematite beaded y-necklace has sultry 8" long, 22-strand mega dangles tassels. Glimmers shimmers like liquid lightning. One of a kind 80s amazing. Long chic mega dangle strands spill from the sexy larger bead circle, bugle beads of hematite color, some interspersed beads with a golden cast. Don't know if it's real hematite, but you can really light up the night with this unique ultra feminine retro glam treasure from the 1980s. Lavish hematite necklace is 19-1/2" long to 22" long with the extender. The rich showy multiple bead strands and dangles really gleam and flirt, demanding the utmost attention!
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this Y-dangle tassel hematite  necklac






OOAK Taxco Silver Flowers Statement Necklace Signed Taxco Sterling Flowers Unique FavoriteBlings Retro                                             $239.99


Unique splendidly detailed Taxco sterling silver flowers 80s statement necklace - dimensional, touchable, richly textured and oxidized/antiqued flowers. An eleborate artisan created work of art. These OOAK sterling silver flowers are not flat flower shapes, they are a natural looking, thick floral motif, including stamen. Dazzling, well-constructed, awesome artisan craftsmanship - about 20" long. The largest center flower is 1-1/8" wide and about 3/8" thick measuring the base to top of flower stamen. The 8 smaller flowers are 3/4" wide and about 1/4" tick to top of stamen. Authentic hallmarked Taxco, this exceptional flower necklace is an impressive 61.8 grams of fine Taxco Mexico sterling silver.
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this unique Taxco flowers  necklace





Big Gold Balls Necklace Choker OOAK Ball Dangles 80s Vintage Statement FavoriteBlings 
High End Retro Glam                                $64.99

Huge haute and cool necklace choker collar gold tone solid balls OOAK statement bold dangles big substance, dramatic massive rare 80s NYC designer retro glam, Etsy Treasuries “Golden Couture” by DivineOrders and "All the Glitters" by Jolene. It’s treasured! Unique FavoriteBlings shiny vintage choker necklace is a high end piece purchased in the 80s at a NYC designer studio sale -- classic collectible with colossal presence 16-1/2" long. This big luminous strand has a rich feel 14 gold tone balls are solid – not hollow – and each measures about 1" from the top of the ring to the bottom of the ball. Unusual flamboyant necklace takes it up a notch, no peeling, rust or tarnish. There are a few subtle scuff marks and small freckles on several balls which are hard to capture and I tried to show some in pix 3 posted at my Etsy shop.

takes you to my FavoriteBlings shop at Etsy; hit "Buy Now" to own this colossal gold ball choker necklace 





OOAK Huge Wild Sterling Silver Winding Beads Choker Necklace Heavy Taxco Style Statement FavoriteBlings Retro                               $549.00

Unique super sexy OOAK modernist Taxco-style 80s sterling silver choker necklace, huge, wild, elegant, textured array of large winding oval chain links that are interwoven with marching barbel-like shaped beads for a massive, voluptuous statement necklace. Truly substantial at 189.6 grams of stunning sterlng silver. Bold exceptional necklace, pure artistic showmanship. The big comfortable toggle clasp closure is stamped "925". This tactile choker necklace choker is about 1-1/8" wide and an actual 18-1/2" long -- its lush thickness wraps sensuously around the neck giving you a 16-1/2" wearable length. Big comfortable toggle clasp closure is stamped "925". 
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this wild huge silver choker






OOAK Blue White Chinese Bead Necklace Love Life Feng Shui Duck Motif FavoriteBlings 
30s Glam                                                   $79.99

Unusual hand painted blue on white OOAK Chinese porcelain beads necklace rare duck motif, depth of workmanship, artistry and symbolism is impressive. Ducks are love life feng shui symbols for marital bliss long-lasting relationships, togetherness for singles searching for a partner. These unique beads show ducks sitting among what may be grass or reeds. Best guess as to age is 1930s. Total of 37 rare beads, strand is almost 24” long, round beads are 
each ˝”, very good estate vintage condition. These seldom seen hand painted beads are hand knotted between each bead, and no two beads are identical. Filigree gold washed slide clasp functions perfectly and looks identical to clasps on these type of necklaces. But the back of this clasp is now silver - the thinly plated gold rubbed off from trying to clean tarnish, so it’s silver on the underside now. Beads have no crazing, yellowing, no chips, cracks, fractures or dings. 
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit
"Buy Now" to own this very unusual hand painted blue on white porcelain bead necklace







Bold Plastic Grapes Bunches Necklace Earring Set Red Gray Smoky Quartz Chunky OOAK FavoriteBlings 80s Retro                            $35.99

Chunky funky fab, wild and crazy frivolous retro grape clusters necklace vintage acrylic plastic bakelite-like cheery red flowers silver gray grapes big smoky quartz color plastic beads, showy, 3d look, stunning fun-loving whimsical statement with big earrings. These grape bunches are a bold look for summer, cool on a cruise, super for sipping a mojito on the patio. A one-of-a-kind FavoriteBlings retro 2-piece set. The grape bunches are 1" long, accented with flowers, leaves and drops, with big smoky color beads lining up to the closure. Necklace is 21" long with a 3" extender chain. Earrings dangle about 2-1/4". Very good vintage condition, with no issues. So tutti frutti, so over the top, truly unique retro statement jewelry.
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this funky chunky wild plastic grapes necklace






Heavy Unisex Sterling Cable Link Chain Necklace Bold 80s Statement Italian Silver FavoriteBlings Retro                                                        $259.99

Chunky heavy bold sterling silver unisex cable chain 18" necklace, mens ladies jewelry, shiny sexy contoured graduated links, 84 grams of Italian silver, important necklace goes great with any wardrobe. There are 35 interwoven oval links, necklace is hallmarked "Italy" and "925" sterling silver, and stamped twice with maker mark that's very hard to make out -- looks like "COARX". (There's a jewelry company in Arezzo, Italy named COAR, listed as Italian jewelry chain makers since the 1960s, so this could be their hallmark.) Largest center silver link in this graduated necklace is 3/4" wide and almost 1" long. The smallest link is 5/8" long and 1/2" wide, comfortable lobster clasp. This statement necklace is very well constructed, in very good pre-owned vintage condition with no dents, no issues.
takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this heavy bold unisex sterling chain






Rare Heavy Taxco Sterling Collar Cuff Necklace Wide Woven Braided Signed 80s Statement 
FavoriteBlings Retro                             $219.99 

Heavy Taxco sterling silver cuff necklace choker collar wide braided woven design rare bold 80s 
vintage statement necklace beautiful contours caress your neck with simplicity, elegance, sexy 
twisted flowing weave. Not a flimsy lightweight. Plus, it's not a smooth, high polish surface - so scratches won't show easily on this beauty. Dramatic, pre-owned, gently worn, no scratches, dents or dings, in great shape 59.2 gr. of sterling silver, timeless estate piece, hand crafted, hallmarked with a proud maker mark - artisan signed, ATI, 925, Mexico. Sensuous, versatile, woven Taxco silver cuff necklace goes with anything, anywhere. 

takes you to my FavoriteBlings.Etsy.com storefront; hit "Buy Now" to own this rare fine Taxo silver cuff  necklace




















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